How does it work?

Spiral collects, pools and randomly shuffles the tokens deposited by many users. Later, the funds are withdrawn to new addresses under the control of each user, minus a small service fee.

Why use Spiral finance mixer?

By mixing transactions, it becomes much more difficult to trace the original source or destination of the funds, making it harder for third parties to track your financial activity. This can be particularly useful for people who are concerned about their financial privacy or who live in countries with strict financial regulations.

Where does Spiral finance operate?

Spiral finance is the first and most decentralized privacy solution on the Zk-sync ERA blockchain.

Does Spiral finance have a token?

$SPIRAL will be the goverance token of the platform,it will operate as a utility and DAO token, users who hold $SPIRAL will receive 100% of the platform fees.

Who developed Spiral finance?

We are a group of data privacy enthusiasts , we have always hated the way our goverments manipulate and use our private data without our consent.

Why is data privacy important?

In many jurisdictions, privacy is considered a fundamental human right, and data protection laws exist to guard that right. Data privacy is also important because in order for individuals to be willing to engage online, they have to trust that their personal data will be handled with care.

Why use Spiral finance over the legendary Tornado cash?

The main differences betwen Tornado and Spiral is the use of relayers , we are the first privacy solution that doesnt use relayers to perform transactions, another good reason is that many exchanges have banned Tornado cash making it more difficult for privacy enthusiasts to withdraw.

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