How to use the mixer.

Step by Step Tutorial

  • Connect your zkSync ERA mainnet wallet

  • Approve the contract to swap-in your USDC

  • Swap in the amount you want to mix : 1 USDC , 100 USDC , 1000 USDC ( make sure to remmember the amount you swapped in as the contract doesnt store this data )

  • Approve the contract to transfer your USDC and make sure you have enough USDC in ur wallet to cover the fees otherwise txn will fail ( make sure to approve the fee amount as well)

  • Transfer your mixed tokens to your other wallet ( make sure to remmember your balance and how much is remaining after each transfer )

  • Login into the wallet that you have tranfered your funds to

  • Approve the contract again and swap out your mixed tokens

  • Done , your funds cant be traced on the blockchain

Platform Fees

1 USDC is paid in fees whenever a user transfers their mixed tokens from a wallet to another

Gas fees

All of the displayed gas fee will be refunded Automatically.thanks to zkSync's rollup tech that bundles transactions.

For extra anonymity we recommend swaping out your mixed tokens in multiple batches we also recommend transfering to multiple wallets Video tutorial created by the Community : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaThr_Zn9gA

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